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Pastries. Pasteles. Cakes and cupcakes and macaroons and cookies and everything else that comes from a batter of some kind. Mantis was never one for a lot of sweets, but he can appreciate this bakery-styled room completely. He's wandering behind the counter, looking at all the displayed offerings. There's already a generous slice of chocolate cake set aside by the register, but he's got his eye on the tarts, pies, and crostatas as well. A light melody is being hummed as he takes out a little strawberry tart for inspection.

He won't be paying much attention to the door should anyone else join him in the bakery, but he'll certainly give them a greeting if need be. What kind of greeting that will be... Well, that depends on the person, doesn't it?
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[Sniper Wolf noticed she had walked into a photo studio of some sort, with cameras and sets scattered around. This wasn't too unusual of a thing to find in a room on the 5th floor, she supposed.]

[Something else had changed as well - her outfit. She was more concerned about the loss of her guns than showing so much skin. She will be making her way out of the room unless someone stops her.]

((ooc: Characters are dressed in bunny outfits. Taking pictures is encouraged.))
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Eleven years.
Liquid Snake had died eleven years ago. Shadow Moses Island, February 28th, 2005. Most of his comrades, the few people he really cared about, also lost their lives. They'd died, and his brother had continued onward.
Time moved strangely for the dead, so it was the first time in a while he'd even noticed the date in time. Even when he'd been possessing Ocelot, he often missed it. Now, standing here in this still largely strange place, he stared out a window in thought. It had really been that long ago, huh? There wasn't even anything outside the window, but it wasn't like he was actually paying attention to the scenery anyway.
"It's not over yet," he whispered to no one. That was always his mantra, basically. And here he was, somehow remaining in existence after eleven years. The man was made out of sheer persistence at this point. And seeing as he wasn't the only person around here, it was possible the others were just as persistent. Anything could happen.
He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice anyone else in the room until they were right next to him. He turned to see who it was, trying to hide his surprise.
[Have an introspective Liquid.]
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What was that sickeningly sweet smell in the air? Chocolate? Candy maybe?

One of the Nexus rooms had been redecorated to celebrate yet another holiday:

Being no obvious indicators that this was an effect room, Strangelove walked on in, curiously examining its contents.

It wouldn't be until someone else joined her that she would be hit by a metaphorical cupid and find herself interested in them. Who knew how long this would last.

((ooc: post with a character; they are then interested in anyone who replies to them; up to mun in what way or how long; enjoy!))

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Who knew that Bubble Bath day was a thing?

Huey was certainly glad a room celebrating it had opened and stayed open, even a week later. It was so nice to relax and read scifi novels without being interrupted and it was a well-deserved break in between all the heavy research he was doing on his current project, inspired by a future duplicate of himself. He was actually making progress on making Power-Assisted Exo-Legs and this delighted him to no bound.

This time, however, The Nexus decided to turn this particular room into an effect room. If anyone entered, they would be put into a bath with someone (or more than one someone) already in it. Nothing keeps you, but you might be persuaded to stay if you happen to be bathing with the right person, right?
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--the hell? What the?-


Where the hell am I?

[Snake crawled out from underneath his ORANGE cardboard box and realised that he was no longer in the hanger bay at Shadow Moses Island. Had he been tranqed or was he dead? Perhaps someone managed to shoot him through the narrow slit in the box and kill him? Or, maybe he had been transported to a weird place.]

Hngh. This isn't Shadow Moses Island. [He withdrew his SOCOM in a flash and held it out in front of him for defence.] Where the hell is this place?
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[With the coming of December, comes the coming of different things for the Nexus. One new thing you can find atop random doors is mistletoe-]

[-and it's only when you're nearby does a counter of KISSES (0/1) appear above your head. Nothing happens if you ignore it and nothing happens if you obey it. Do you indulge?]
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She knew this wasn't Shadow Moses. This unknown building was warmer, stale, and still.

Sniper slowly glided through a Nexus hallway, her rifle at the ready.

During a quick pause, she popped some pentazemine to calm her nerves then she kept on walking, gingerly yet cautious.
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[It's strange. He'd have remembered being brought to a building like this. White walls, eerie silence, and no real idea of how he got there. Mantis took a deep breath and let it go as he tried to run through the last of his memories before walking through that door and into...wherever this was. Liquid got the team over to a new base for a mission. They were picking out rooms again while Octopus went to check out the kitchen. And then- That's when he must have stepped into this place. He turned around, shuffling the duffel bag on his shoulders slightly as he did so. The door opened up to what looked like a small pantry.]

How...? [It didn't make sense! He had just walked through this door! Hadn't he?

He sorted through the shelves quickly, finding a bottle of water and a box of saltines. It'd have to do until he found a real kitchen.]

Just my luck.
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[Creepy music leaked into one of the Nexus hallways, a cool breeze sweet with candy following it. Inside this particular room was all sorts of spooky things - jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, bats, cats, and enough candies and sweet to make anyone sick. Vamp was amused at what he was wearing once he entered the room. He wandered around the dimly-lit house, checking out all the decorated rooms for interesting things or prey.]

[A large 'Trick or Treat (0/2)' pinged above his head. Once he spotted it, he smirked. He would be giving people some treats alright~]

((ooc: Your character has to trick another or treat them to something. Doesn't matter how they do it. Every time they do so, their counter will go up (1/2) then (2/2) then the original door they entered through will open so they can leave the locked room and go back into the Nexus hallway. Have fun!))
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--what the? Am I dreaming? [The blond found that he was laying on the cold metal floor of some sort of building he'd never seen before. His trademark aviators had flown off his face and were laying about three feet from him. Snatching them up off the floor the placed them back onto his face. Where was he? Last thing he remembered was speaking to Paz about playing his guitar. Well, that might not ever happen now.]

Weird. Have I been kidnapped? Boss? Can you hear me? [Kaz tried the CODEC to see if he could contact his comrade.]
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[Raikov will be stunned, as to where he had ended up after walking through to the science lab in Groznyj Grad. But, he wasn't in the science lab, at all but some kind of strange base.

What the hell?-]

Huh? Hey! What the- where am I? [The silver-haired Russian pulled out his Makarov handgun and surveyed the area with suspicion. This was not where he was supposed to be. Where were all the other troops from the base? He was annoyed but also a little scared. He was alone without his precious colonel on a strange base.]
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Adamska Marveled at the structure around him. so many rooms, so many doors. How had he gotten here? It wasn't logical. The amount of rooms in this building shouldn't exist. He would have to watch his back. He had heard rumors of an assortment of highly skilled soldiers here, but was he really here? More over, was there really more than one of the legendary "Naked Snake?"

The Ocelot swaggered down the hallway before him, He was looking for someone, something, anything that would give him the attention and satisfaction. he was hunting. His Colt .45 Single action army shone brightly in his pocket. (He polished it regularly, he was very proud.) He took off the red beret matching his GRU uniform and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Where to start..?"

(OOC: Open. Help Ocelot with the nexus, or blow 'im up. Which ever.)
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[On the 10th floor of the Nexus, one door in the hallway was open with a cool salty breeze flowing inside the building. Inside it was a beach with chairs and umbrellas. There was also an empty bar nearby and... not much else. Wandering too far either way on the beach or out to sea would run you into invisible walls. It was still a room after all; not a true outside.]

[Naomi frequently visited this room; the moment she walked in, her clothes instantly changed into ones the room chose for her. She went to the bar, made herself a long island iced tea, then sat down at one of the shaded tables, light reading in hand.]

I wonder if I'll have company here today...

((ooc: Open to all. Pick out your muses' swimsuit and mingle!))

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[There is this very important post someone made on [community profile] fission_ooc  that you all should take a look whenever you can. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.]
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[He could tell it's been quite some time ever since the place had seen any activity going on. Dust piling up, abandoned items, empty rooms going nowhere and not a single face. It wasn't quite like a military base but, on the other hand, he couldn't quite tell it was a regular civilian building.]

[A silent portal opens up in the middle of a large, wide hallway, multiple doors standing on each side of it. As he and and whoever decided to come along get dropped by, he's already thinking of a backup plan if anything happened.]

[After all, abandoned didn't mean harmless.]
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[ It had been a long, long time since he'd set foot in this place. The old soldier looked around the main lobby, his footfalls echoing through the area. There didn't appear to be anyone here... Not like there used to be. ]

Hn... You'd think I'd appreciate the peace and quiet... [ He takes out a cigarette, putting it in his mouth. ] Not sure why I'm here... I've done all I can for this place.

[ David walks a few feet, looking over at the Christmas Tree he'd set up ages ago... and he can't help but give a small smile. This place held a lot memories, good and bad. It was a shame he'd barely progressed in his own timeline... Enough to witness Big Mama's death himself, but that was it. Knowing he couldn't leave this place of his own will, Snake began to walk in the direction of his room, trying to ignore the echoing of his steps. ]

I shouldn't be here.

[ ooc: knock knock?? ]
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[It reminded him of his youth - of many years ago when his mother had set a bath for him and filled it with delightful floating rubber ducks.

And the Nexus decided to do similar to its residents, providing a room full of private - or less than private - overflowing bubble-filled bathtubs.

Come and enjoy and spend times amongst friends or enemies. The choice is yours or totally not yours maybe.]
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[Those coming by the sixth floor may be suddenly assaulted by the sudden sounds of a rousing and boisterous carol emanating from one of the rooms. It is an old tune, but a pretty one full of joy and merriment. Christmas didn't have to be around the corner to enjoy a carol after all.]

[Anyone who cared enough to see who was making such a racket with the music would find a certain psychic sitting in what looked like a recording studio. The music was coming from the speakers of the room itself, and Dimitri looked perfectly content to sit by the recording mic, lounging lazily in a sofa chair of all things while conducting with a plastic pen.]

[OOC: The song is God Bless Us Everyone. ]
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[Naomi was never one to mess up in regards to her cooking. But today was an exception. Everything she made went horrible bad, from burnt to undercooked to overcooked to anything you could imagine. She placed yet another disaster in the trash and tried to attempt to salvage the cake she was currently making. Why was the frosting being so difficult?]

How did this happen?
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[Those who remember his first arrival will find this familiar- a thump, and a naked blond figure lying in the hallway. But this appeared far easier this time, as the figure instantly started grumbling and lifting himself up on one arm, the other holding a tattoo that ended in a stump. His hand moved as if reaching for a familiar Beretta under a pillow, only to realise that it had disappeared, along with his bed and the much needed unrestful sleep.]

If this is a prank, you must work on your sense of humour, Otacon.
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[ Within the Nexus, within a single room, Solid Snake looks over his weaponry. The room isn't his, in fact it looks like an abandoned storage room, showing its age with the holes in the ceiling, sunlight trickling in through the roof.

The floor is also shows its age; blood mixed with dirt, sand and dried grass. Each step on the old sheets of metal lets out a rusty, creaking sound. This place is old, and it is worn down, but that hasn't stopped anyone from using it.

Placing his M4 Custom down on a work bench, the old soldier bends over it somewhat, letting out a sigh. In many ways, this room and he were alike. Both were old and tired, having been completely exhausted through war, and despite this, still being used. It didn't matter how many times he'd fallen, or how badly this room had sustained damage, both would be used until neither could stand.

That was the life of a soldier.

Even though he'd been here a long time, even though Big Boss had told him that he should focus on living instead of fighting, Old Snake knew that getting away wasn't that easy. There would always be something calling him back to the battlefield. Like this storage room, war was his purpose. It was a sad truth he'd found... Though he'd taken Fox's words to heart, soldiers were pawns to be exploited. Snake had tried long and hard to believe otherwise, but deep down he knew that was all there was to it. And as much as he hated this view, he always fought as he was told to.

He always killed like he was supposed to.

After customizing his rifle, Snake took hold of it, tightening his fingers about its frame and turning to look at the damaged ceiling of the storage room. The sun was still shining, a shadow of a bird passing over the roof... He smirked. ]


[ Turning, Snake exits the run down room, finding himself in a vast battlefield, multiple storage buildings behind him. Enemy fire can be heard all around, as well as explosions going off in the distance. This was where he'd remain, whether he wanted to or not. He'd tried to fight it, he'd tried to stay out of it... But he always found himself back in it.

Once a soldier, always a soldier. ]
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Hello? Anyone else stuck in this place?
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[The Nexus has been quiet lately. Too much so for Kaz's taste. At this point he's ready to stir up trouble just for a change of pace, for something to think about other than his impeccable fulfilling mindblowing overly active sex life.]

[To his credit, the former soldier has the patience to make his note taking routine. Visits to the library here, studying his target in person there...]

[The most important target Kaz believes he's tracked down is a young Big Boss. More specifically, the one who apparently ruled the entire building for a time. Surely he had access to power and controls that most inhabitants of the Nexus could only dream of.]

[Or so Kaz hopes.]

[Today he's following this Big Boss again, working out how to finally approach him while keeping some distance.]

[Perhaps they will finally talk today.]
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[Do you guys know what sucks?

...Well, okay, there's actually nothing really new about waking up in a strange room, and certainly not even about waking up in a strange room, half naked, gagged and bound to a chair. No, seriously, he's had all of that before - it's just when you can't remember how you got here in the first place that it becomes a little bothersome. But as he stirs awake, taking a few moments to regain full consciousness, he can't help but feel that it must have been ages ago.

Guh. Might as well have remained sleeping, if he wasn't gonna wake up in a nice soft bed, possibly next to an equally soft and warm body.

When he tries to move next, it's to no avail - apparently his restraints are just that firm and he isn't back at full strength to change anything about his current predicament right now. Stupid fucking place. His head lolls to the side, and he gives a few unintelligible, throaty grunts that might or might not have been intended to come out as words, but ultimately didn't, thanks to that gag.

So... what now, Jack?]

[[ooc: awww yeah. feel free to stumble upon him and take advantage in sexy ways if you so desire (or help him out, he'll thank you for it). he's not new, just been hybernating, so he'll not be surprised to see anyone. also, you're welcome to make up other shit about the room including side effects or what else might be there.]]

BDSM, huh?

Feb. 2nd, 2012 02:51 pm
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[Yes indeed, an entire room filled with anything you could possibly imagine. Raikov was nothing short of ecstatic when he found the place, testing out whips and gags, blindfolds and handcuffs, not to mention a few intricate knives.]

[...and ginger root.]

[Oh, he was in heaven! Unfortunately, anybody who walked in at any given moment might not be, considering they'd bee greeted with the sight of him trying on a rather revealing pair leather pants. Or maybe it's that gag, or those handcuffs, or those spiky heeled boots. Either way, he was running his own miniature fashion show in one of the all-angle mirrors.]

Hehe... [Volgin would love to see him in some of these--hell, he'd love to see himself in some of these. Maybe later he'd draw some of these outfits; he was such an inspiration to himself!]
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[The Nexus has been quiet lately. No zombie invasions, no rampaging Metal Gear, no attempted takeovers, no unsolved serial murders, no sheep, no wolves...]

[Except for one little thing.]

[David's home/fort/cinema has been invaded by Snakes and as the one who knows how to work the projector, he has been "convinced" to play some requests. It's not that the movies are boring, far from it, but the young pre-Snake simply finds himself disgruntled that he has to share his theater.]

[[It's Wednesday: post some cats Snakes! Or people who want to watch the most awesome action-movie-film-fest-EVER! David's traps have been temporarily dismantled, so feel free to drop in for films such as Rocky, Rambo, Top Gun, or Starship Troopers (and maybe take one of those annoying Snakes away so the kid can have his fort back).]]
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[Kaz is feeling a bit "down," one might say. There's a bit less of a bounce in his step, a more serious air surrounding him. He stands in the library, a heavy, dusty, worn leather-bound reference book in his hand. He turns the pages with care, gaze wholly focused through dark lenses on the pages before him.]

[At a glance, he looks to be pretty normal. He shouldn't even seem depressed, really. A better word to describe him is probably "subdued." Something... something is different, something is missing.]

[Go ahead and talk to him. See for yourself.]

((Due to a room effect, Kaz has accidentally his whole overactive libido for three days! This post is NOT getting locked, so help me. :I /shakes fist))
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[He had heard legends about it. But Big Boss scarcely believed it to be true.]

[That is, until he found it himself.]

[The mother lode of boxes.]

[Piles of boxes. A mountain of boxes. More cardboard than he had ever seen in his life. Every stolen box, hundreds of them, all squirreled away in the massive vehicle hangar of Shadow Moses, easily accessible from the hallways.]

[...Well, and guarded by a giant mucus-spewing dinosaur with a laser. But not even that was about to get between Big Boss and that rich deposit of cardboard. A little stealth and an arsenal of weapons, and the dinosaur retreated to a different side of the base, leaving two hundred pounds of tail behind, sawed off by a burst of machine gun fire.]

[Now Big Boss is cooking a large slab of dinosaur tail steak over a fire (started by Alaskan pine wood, not cardboard!) and enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by stacks of precious boxes. He has found himself a very, very happy place.]

((Feel free to bother! Big Boss is in the Shadow Moses hangar, which can be accessed through a door from the nexus hallway. He probably left the door open or something.))


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